Corporate Solutions

A Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and former Head of Leadership Development Delivery within Police Scotland, I have developed advanced negotiation and crisis leadership skills for major corporations, public policy and elite Olympic sports coaches across many countries.

As the Chief Security Officer for an International Non-Governmental Organisation operating at the forefront of the global refugee crisis, I have led the improvement in security culture and in duty of care compliance. Working with a faith-based organisation and in often hostile environments, progress has been achieved through diplomatic negotiations and strong leadership.

Negotiation Skills – Occasionally we are unable to see the woods for the trees. In de-constructing negotiation I am able to help you identify how to better prepare, practice and perform during a negotiation to achieve mutually agreeable solutions. Delivered through interactive training on basic to advanced negotiation skills for a range of business/working environments. Read More

Leadership Development – Design, development and delivery of leadership training that makes an effective difference in performance, particularly during a crisis event, that will help protect the organisational reputation and from litigation. Read More

Duty of Care – With a combination of knowledge and experience in Royalty protection, humanitarian work and specialist knowledge in kidnap prevention, I bring a critical component of safety to integrate into your overseas ventures and how to meet your duty of care requirements. Read More