Behavioural Change

Often in our development we will face others that we find it almost impossible to negotiate with as our emotions take over and we move into a positional stance that is detrimental to both parties and achieves nothing.

The Behavioural Change Staircase is a proven method that was born out of crisis and developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations from both academic research and practitioner experience in responding to such challenging events.

It is our ability to actively listen to others that is the key to effective negotiations to influence and change behaviour in another. Knowing the difference between sympathy and empathy can help us listen to understand another’s viewpoint. We all know when we get to the rapport stage as dialogue flows easily and we really begin to connect with the other person, and it is here that we suggest the behavioural change we want to achieve and start to influence and gently persuade them. You will all recognize this is the slick sales techniques of the seasoned salesperson who can sell you anything, even if you do not need it!

The steps in behavioural change are influenced by many factors and it is our ability to understand that both in ourselves and in others that allow us to actively listen and gently bring about change. In ourselves, it maybe controlling our emotions, facing our fears and building confidence as I help bring about that change in you, so that you can flourish.