Leadership Coaching

Designing and developing leadership training for Police Scotland gave me a great insight into the expectations of operational officers and strategic leaders.

At the coal face our supervisory leadership skills are very much technical and people focused as we lead teams to achieve objectives set by the hierarchy. In middle management our technical skills lessen as we focus on people & management issues to continue to drive productivity towards our objectives. We interact more with others outside the organisation to develop partnerships and collaborate where resources are scarce. In strategic roles, we focus on the vision of the organisation to determine where we want to go and what we want to achieve and use the expertise with tactical advice from technical specialists.

Often on this journey, particularly if it is driven by targets, we forget our people and our customers as we are so focused on our own agenda to achieve targets at whatever cost. This causes us not to listen to others and can create an environment that is devoid of empathy and support for employees.

As a skilled negotiator & leader, I will bring a different perspective to your leadership thinking, to guide you through complex challenges and to become the leader that people remember not only for their skills but in their ability to take everyone with them on the vision for success.