Specialist Hostage/Crisis Negotiator Training

I have had the honour of teaching negotiators from all over the world with one sole objective – to save life. My academic research and practical experience in this field has led to me being recognised as an international authority of the subject. As a Fulbright Alumnus, I continue to teach advanced tactics to many law enforcement agencies including NYPD, USMS and the FBI. Published in my field, I remain an Advisor to the Editorial Boards of the Criminal Psychology & Criminal Investigations, the Forensic Research & Criminology International and the Crisis Response Journals.

With experience in different environments, I have developed a number of programmes that can be tailored to your needs:

De-escalation & Negotiation Skills Programme

A two-day programme designed to assist officers in de-escalation skills for tense situations and negotiation skills that bring greater compliance and a reduced kinetic response to disorder.

Basic Hostage/Crisis Negotiator Programme

A five-day programme supported by a structured selection process the development of a negotiator cadre that enables capability and capacity to deal with incidents ranging from domestic siege, barricaded persons & suicide intervention.

Advanced Hostage/Crisis Negotiator Programme

A ten-day programme incorporating the key skills developed in the Basic Programme to develop a credible capacity to respond to a wider range of incidents, including terrorism and to support SWAT teams in deployment to high pressure incidents. Candidates will implement their skills through a range of high-pressure immersive exercises to achieve a close-knit functional team.

Negotiator Commander

A three-day programme for those who have deployment experience and completed the Advanced Programme to become a highly competent team leader capable of giving tactical advice to Commanders during an incident; being able to measure progress in negotiations and working closely with Tactical Teams to find a solution.

Kidnap & Extortion Response

A five-day programme designed for competent advanced negotiators to develop their skills in covert response to domestic & international kidnap and understanding the dynamics & tactics involved in such cases.

Protestor Liaison

A three-day programme designed for those who have completed the Basic Programme to develop a cadre of police liaison officers for protests that has been proven to develop a policing capacity to help facilitate peaceful protest/marches. This role provides essential intelligence for event Commanders.

With every course, the objective is to get them to practice the skills through exercises designed to test them and quickly develop a capacity & capability within policing and with a stepped approach you have a better chance of maintaining competency. Developing this capability would also bring great credibility to policing as it is founded on human rights