Former Commander, Chief Inspector (retd.) Andrew B Brown is an internationally renowned negotiator with specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with kidnap for ransom and hostage/crisis incidents, particularly in maritime environments; in designing conflict de-escalation skills for military operations and acting as an expert witness to judicial inquiries on the response to hostage taking.

An experienced investigator with three decades of policing challenging communities across Scotland, he understands how to secure community ‘buy in’ to keep communities safe and in targeting the criminal element to reduce the prevalence of crime and anti-social behaviour. As a Commander, he redesigned security arrangements for members of the Royal Family and oversaw both mountain rescue/missing person(s) portfolios to improve prevention and response. His latter service saw him design, develop and deliver leadership and critical incident training across all ranks in the police and other public services.

A Fellow of the Chartered Management and Security Institutes, he has developed advanced negotiation and crisis leadership skills for major corporations, public policy and Olympic sports coaches across the globe. A skilled executive coach, he calmly guides people though crisis to better their lives, both professionally and personally.

The Chief Security Officer for a faith based International Non-Governmental Organisation that is at the forefront of the global refugee crisis, he uses his experience in responding to international kidnap on how to prepare, prevent and respond to the threat of crime/terrorism to keep his fellow humanitarians safe on their overseas missions to help those in need.

As a Fulbright Alumnus, he continues to teach advanced tactics to many law enforcement agencies including NYPD, USMS and the FBI. Published in his field, he remains an Advisor to the Editorial Boards of the Criminal Psychology & Criminal Investigations, the Forensic Research & Criminology International and the Crisis Response Journals.