Government & Military Advisory

An internationally renowned negotiator with specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with kidnap for ransom and hostage/crisis incidents, particularly in maritime environments; in designing conflict de-escalation skills for military operations and acting as an expert witness to judicial inquiries on the response to hostage-taking.

A Fellow of the Security Institute, my doctoral studies and experience in Afghan & African kidnappings have led him to research, critique and advise International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) how to prepare, prevent and respond to the threat of international kidnap to facilitate safe operations.

As a Fulbright Alumnus, I continue to teach advanced tactics to many law enforcement agencies including NYPD, USMS and the FBI. Published in my field, he remains an Advisor to the Editorial Boards of the Criminal Psychology & Criminal Investigations, the Forensic Research & Criminology International and the Crisis Response Journals.

Providing bespoke specialist training services, including tabletop exercises and immersive learning tailored to the organisation that may occasionally challenge the status quo, get teams thinking ‘outside the box’ on how to deal with complex challenges.

Specialist Hostage/Crisis Negotiator Training

From basic to advanced training of crisis negotiators over a range of programmes. Kidnap & Ransom Initial Responder – training includes from the global picture, preparation, critical decision-making, policy records, initial response and recovery of individual(s). Piracy & Maritime Crisis Negotiation – instruction specific to the maritime industry (shipping and oil & gas) in dealing with the challenges of piracy and maritime crime & terrorism. Military De-escalation & Negotiation – Military specific instruction specific to the insurgent ‘Insider Threat’ or ‘Green-on-Blue’ attacks. Read More

Hostage/Kidnap Crisis Management

Covering every aspect of crisis management and decision making for organisations affected by hostage-taking of their staff, litigation prevention, duty of care responsibilities, short/medium/long term crisis management, strategic decision-making, intelligence processing, ransom considerations, hostage survival & recovery, trauma care, audit and critical review of organisational procedures. Read More

Independent Expert Witness

Provision of independent expert analysis on hostage/crisis response. Served as an independent expert on the Lindt Café Siege, Sydney (December 2014) for the families who lost loved ones and gave evidence to the New South Wales Coronial Inquiry in July 2016. Read More