Executive & Personal Coaching

With over three decades of experience in leadership and dealing with complex issues often in hostile environments, I bring a fresh set of eyes and ears to a problem issue. A natural coach, I can guide you through difficult and challenging issues to bring about a satisfactory conclusion to an ingrained problem that allows all parties to move on positively.

In my coaching, I actively listen to understand the key issues in a safe reflective environment that allow you to express, in confidence, your emotions that sometimes act as a barrier to your progress and weaken your confidence.

We review your current behaviours, learn from your experience and construct new approaches and strategies to help you on the path to your goals and realise your potential.

Crisis Coaching – whether it be business or personal, my experience of dealing with a wide range of crisis over 35 years, will help you navigate a crisis successfully by reducing demands, bringing a calmness and negotiating to ‘buy you time’ to think, come to the right decision, act and return to normality. Read More

Leadership Coaching – many find it a challenge to grow from a technically competent leader to becoming a strategic leader as it is always in our comfort zone to dive back into what we know best. Developing leaders in both the private and public sector, I help you make that transition, enhance your reputation and show you how to lead. Read More

Behavioural Change – using proven techniques from the world of hostage/crisis negotiation and using the FBI’s Behavioral Change Stairway, I’ll show you how to actively listen, empathically build rapport and use influencing tactics to facilitate behavioural change in others. Read More

My coaching helps you:

  • Gain an independent and objective sounding board
  • Improves your leadership skills
  • Brings you clarity of vision in your strategic goal setting
  • Improves your personal impact, confidence and performance
  • Helps you to manage that human dynamic in change, conflict and stress
  • Proven to effectively transition you to a senior or new role
  • Improve the effectiveness and performance of your team(s); and importantly
  • To effectively prioritise, time manage and bring balance to your work/life and the health benefits that come with it.