Crisis Coaching

As humans, we are quite adept at responding to one crisis, whether personal or professional and putting the right measures in place to help us navigate to a successful outcome. When we need to juggle responding to two different crises in our life, it can become a delicate balance of doing the right thing whilst letting life continue to roll on. Invariably, just like the street entertainer, we often find ourselves juggling three or more crisis, which can lead to a tipping point as the toll of the mental & physical strain takes effect on our body and we become overcome with anxiety and fatigue.

Having suffered from chronic fatigue in my late 40’s as I neared the completion of my policing career, I didn’t quite fully appreciate how quickly life can sometimes put us on our backside and force us to rest and take stock. I went from feeling strong and invincible to being weak and fatigued; it took time to adjust. But life is a great teacher! Motivated, I was open to try meditation, diet, yoga and reflect on what my father called my rich tapestry of life.

Being blessed with the ability to remain calm in a crisis and having dealt with many people in abject crisis, I bring an empathic approach to help you to buy time, reflect on the past so that you can focus on the present and begin to move forward in the future. For some, this is a difficult and often scary time, so be assured that I will walk with you on that journey to find the right path.